Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 16, June 11, Clark Fork

An eight-mile run for breakfast at Mom’s Café, on Hwy. 200 again. Called 200, no doubt, because 200 bicyclists are killed weekly on it. Most of the deaths, I’m sure, are unintentional and sort of like deer kills only with less damage done to the car. Locked into our pedals, we rarely go through the windshield when struck like the deer causing the driver to careen off to great consequence. I remember in Methow County, Washington, there were signs cautioning drivers about deer hazards detailing 400+ killed annually at $374,000 damage. So far, I’ve seen no signs cautioning drivers about bicyclists. We are being failed by signage, if not society. Perhaps PETA can help.

“Mom” fixes a mean breakfast: two eggs over-easy, home fries, sausage, biscuit, tomato juice and slice of lemon and coffee - $5.95. You learn to appreciate a good cheap breakfast when you are hungry most of the time.

Here’s a new feature in the journal: The Definition Puzzle - I give the definition, you submit what you think the answer is. Fax to 318-868-7705. I will be the decider just like George Bush was but with good judgment. My decision will be final. There will be no appeals. The winner will receive an undisclosed prize in an undisclosed place. There may be considerable cost involved for the winner. Only one definition may be submitted No shot gunning allowed. The more ludicrous answers and their submitter will be disclosed if I choose to do so and have gone uncompensated to not do so. Y’all come.

First definition: “A blood flood contained to restive hinterlands”

David is stumped. What is it?

Pat Sewell

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