Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 Bad Medicine Campground, Bull Lake, Montana

The mosquitoes swarm in the shadows. Only the bright sun discourages them from feeding on us, and it’s a surprise to me. Hadn’t counted on them, and the deet runs low. Resource depletion and scarcity. We run parallel to the world on this one. Could lead to deet looting, but the sight of unbitten skin would be tell-tale, and the villain identified. That’ll probably keep us both in check.

We came up Hwy. 56 from 200 and the campground on Bull River, a short ride but the prettiest stretch yet. The Cabinet Mountains Wilderness parallels our route up the Bull River Valley. We climbed but at a civilized and breathable rate, constantly fed by the scenery of the river, field, green trees and snow-capped mountains. Perhaps it was the previous days rest but we floated up here, an effortless suspension in the scenery.

Dave McWethy arrived at 8 p.m. last night to stay until Sunday morning. He brought food - fresh fruit, cheese, bratwurst, eggs, bacon, wine - and we feasted. He survived the interrogation about the outside world we submitted him to and today a tour with us and his dog, Ziggs, through the Ross Creek Valley to see the old growth cedars there. He’s the new voice here at Lake Wobegon. Dave and I both are tired of what either of us has to say. I wrote of the trip to the cedars - see below. Tomorrow we’ll make Libby, Montana, and resupply. We’ve had an easy three days, and hopefully our muscles are ready to go. Mosquito blood loss may be a future variable. We’ll see.

Pat Sewell

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