Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5, Minot, North Dakota, 9 p.m.

Noise seems to be our companion this trip. It’s not what you expect when you think about the great open spaces but how often do you get what you expect unless it is what you expect but don’t want. We’ve had the train since Whitefish, the road noise - crowding trucks blasting by - the obnoxious “screw you, get off the road honks.” We’ve had the thunder of the night as in two nights ago when the deities sat down on our tents unsatisfied with their own campsite and tonight we have race cars at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

It’s Sunday night, and we’re in Minot, North Dakota, camped at Riverside RV Land behind the Holiday Inn. Just across the road there is a continuous roar of racing machines designed to make the most noise possible while moving from A to B. Roar, actually, is inadequate as a term. Someone hearing this for the first time, say a virgin to the noise of the uncensored internal combustion engine, would have to go off planet to explain such a sound and would quickly exhaust their repertoire of demonic-related sounds. They have been running now for three hours and show no signs of abatement. Makes me wonder whether North Dakota is worth donating to the Palestinians to solve those pesky problems with the Middle East.

We rode 58 miles from Stanley today. Not a big day but respectable. Camped with us is Alan and Grace, reversing our course across the country. And Laurie, at 17 traveling alone until she met the other two - and headed to Anacortes, as well. She does not carry a gun but does have a knife. She only journals, having sent her books home. The world is largely flat to her, devoid of obstacles. Alan plans to enter grad school, Ph.D. after the trip, Ed. Sociology. Believes education only institution that gives an opportunity to offset other cultural failing. He has the optimism of the young - “not yet mortal yet,” as Michael Ondaatje, author of “The English Patient” would say. His educational landscape is as devoid of obstacles as the physical landscape looks to 17 year old Laurie.

Have gotten feedback from variety of sources that my editorial posture is possibly either neglectful or a bit negative to Dave - this from as far away as Holland. I shall strive to be better but will not bend the truth, everybody’s got their headwinds in life, and these gross misinterpretations of my reports will just be another one if they continue.

Frisbee bocce chase game
Minot July 5
Pat 7, Dave 2 - game ends with 5 point lead or when one player
reaches 10 points.
Not a bad showing for Dave.

To support Alan Wright
Grace Conrad
Look to links to see what they support:
Orphanage in Haiti
Bicycles for Kids in Africa
Environmental Group.

Laurie Angulo, 17, Trevor City, Michigan

Attended alternative school
Had male teacher that inspired her to “do something significant”
Her mother dropped her off at homeless shelter one year ago -
“Thought I would have a better life on my own”
“Have gained confidence and feel stronger - surprised myself”
already on this trip

Can communicate with her: Angulo

Pat Sewell

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