Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, Monday, Towner, North Dakota

Fifty miles east now of Minot. I’m buggyless now and using Panniers. Dave has a new tire and a repaired derailleur. We are ready for the second half of this contemplative crawl. A short distance east is the geographic center of North America - or advertised as such by the town of Rugby. Today marks six weeks on the road, as well, so we are half-way through the 12 weeks we allotted and on time. This is surprising, both that we are half-way at half-time and that we are here at all. The whole trip seems a lot more doable all of a sudden with this milestone.

The landscape is changing with our progress east. Birch trees, Ash, Chinese Elm - some large and even some forested areas are appearing. One’s gaze is interrupted - no longer are the crop and grasslands limitless. It’s very green and lush. And corn has made its first appearance along with soybeans. Clearly, there is moisture - perhaps, too much - according to some we have talked to. Lakes without river exits are expanding, and some of last year’s corn crops are gone unharvested. Climate models for global warming project more precipitation up north here and less in the south and west. Correct? Or is this just seasonal variation?

All the sports news worth reporting:

Pat 10 Dave 5 Bocce frisbee chase
July 6, 7 p.m. The crowds loved it
No horseshoe game since the first one
Dave phobic of rematch.

Pat Sewell

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